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Top-Selling Wink Scrubs

Top-Selling Wink Scrubs

Wink scrubsWink scrubs are made from different fabric blends. They can be from 100% cotton, or they can be from a fabric that blends 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Depending on the style, they can have features such as the following: lower pockets, ID loop, hidden pocket, side vents, and a utility tape.

There are a variety of Wink scrubs to choose from, but if you want their top-sellers, here are the top 5.

1. Foxtrot

The Foxtrot is a rounded neck top exclusively for women. At the center of the neck, there’s a little slit that adds an element of style to the top while giving it flexibility at the same time. It doesn’t have a regular fit, but it’s not slim fit either. It’s tight enough, but it’s loose fitting for ease of movement.

Features of this top include:

  • 2 lower pockets
  • 1 invisible chest pocket
  • ID loop
  • double stitching
  • yoke
  • front seams

Colors include black, ceil, chocolate, galaxy blue, and pewter. It’s currently at $18.99.

2. Lady Fit Pant

These pants have a cargo-type style, but they are tight-fitting with a flare-leg bottom. They have an elastic waistband, but they also come with an adjustable drawstring feature. The drawstring has an attractive yellow color, and it can easily be displayed outside or hidden inside the pants.

These pants come in 19 beautiful colors such as grape, green apple, and hot pink. They are also available in all sizes, including 4XL and 5XL. Other features of these pants include 6 pockets and an ID loop.

3. Alpha Top

The Alpha top is for men. Unlike with other brands such as Iguana Med, this top does not have any resemblance to any sports shirt. It has a regular cut, so it’s loose fitting for comfort and flexibility. Because of this, it doesn’t need side slits or knit side panels.

Other features of this top include:

  • v-neck
  • left chest pocket
  • ID loop

Plus size men who would want to purchase a Wink scrub top may want to look for this top. It comes in 15 colors including galaxy blue and wine, and it is available in a variety of sizes including XS to 5XL.

4. Seamless Unisex Pants

Compared with the Lady Fit Pants, these pants have a regular fit and do not have scoop pockets. There is a convertible drawstring, a placement for the drawstring, and an ID loop to contain your badge or signature ID.

These pants are only $14.99. They are available in a variety of colors such as navy, white, and ceil blue, and they are also available in plus sizes.

5. Bravo Top

Wink scrubs - Bravo Orange Sherbet TopThis top is for women. It has many pockets that include three in front and one invisible mesh pocket. This top also has a signature ID loop, and it has a v-neck feature. Currently at $13.99, you can get the Bravo top in interesting colors such as orange sherbet and eggplant. It is also available in all sizes, so if you’re a 5XL, this top is worth checking out.

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