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All Types of Dickies Scrub Tops with Butterflies

All Types of Dickies Scrub Tops with Butterflies

Dickies scrub tops with butterfliesWhen it comes to scrub tops with butterfly designs, head over to Dickies and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

Why should you buy these tops?

First of all, they’re from Dickies, one of the most established brands in the business when it comes to comfort and style. Second, they know their way around fabric. Some of these tops are made from a blend of cotton and spandex to give you that much-needed stretch, while others are made from 100% cotton for comfort. Third, since Dickies is a well-known brand, you’ll never run out of dealers.

Here are all the types of Dickies scrub tops with butterflies on them.

  • Butterfly Effect
  • Check Out The Butterflies (new)
  • Decorated Wings
  • Flight Of Love (new)
  • Flights In Brights
  • Flitter Sweet (new)
  • Flora-Gami
  • Flutter Me Fancy
  • For Flying Out Loud
  • In Full Flight
  • Mosaic Monarchs
  • On The Fly
  • Sienna
  • Watercolor Wings (new)

Let’s take a look at what’s special about these tops, particularly the new designs.

1. Check Out the Butterflies

As far as the design goes, the butterflies come in luminous purple and yellow against a grey houndstooth background. These colors do not compliment each other well, but they definitely coordinate well with light-colored pants.

  • Features:
  • v-neck
  • side vents
  • 100% cotton sheeting
  • XS to 5XL

2. Flight of Love

This top features grey butterflies flying on a grey plaid background. Floating with these insects are hearts of three colors – black, pink blush, and shocking pink. The front pockets and the neck have a black piping, which gives the whole top an outline.


  • round neck
  • 2 front pockets
  • zig zag stitching
  • 100% cotton yarn dye
  • pleat pockets
  • XS to 2XL

3. Flitter Sweet

This is perhaps the most stylish and beautiful among the tops on this list. First, the teal background perfectly compliments the multi-colored butterflies. The top also features a rounded neckline with pleats that beautifully extend all the way to the bottom of the top. And though this top has two front pockets, they’re incorporated carefully so you can’t see them as pockets.


  • round neck
  • pleats
  • 2 pockets
  • XS to 2XL
  • 100% cotton sateen

4. Watercolor Wings

Dickies scrub tops with butterflies - Watercolor WingsAt first glance, this top can be likened to an unfinished painting of butterflies interacting with beautiful flowers. There are colors, but if you crave for hues of red, green, and blue, you won’t find any of them in this top. But what you’ll find are orange, yellow, and lavender.


  • mock wrap
  • XS to 3XL
  • 100% cotton sateen
  • two pockets
  • back elastic
  • side vents

Though it’s not a new design, Flights in Brights is worth mentioning. For one, it has an edgy style. It has an asymmetrical neckline that almost resembles a mandarin jacket. The thin black piping also compliments the white background very well to give the top a super-sophisticated look.

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