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Best-Selling Cartoon Scrubs

Best-Selling Cartoon Scrubs

cartoon scrubsCherokee is the only brand that has acquired due license to create cartoon scrubs. To date, the company has produced almost a hundred scrub tops that have prints of your favorite cartoon characters such as Sponge Bob, Betty Boop, and Hello Kitty.

Here are the top-selling cartoon scrubs.

1. Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are still two of the most popular cartoon characters in history. That’s why it’s no wonder that Minnie Mouse cartoon scrubs sit on top of the best-seller’s list of online scrub dealers.

Of these Cherokee scrubs, two are the most preferred – Big Minnie v-neck knit panel top and Big Minnie mock wrap top. The v-neck top is printed with black-and-white faces of Minnie Mouse. It’s made from 100% cotton, and coordinates well with black, red, and white scrub pants.

The mock wrap, on the other hand, has a polka dot bodice and a drawstring with a contrasting red color. It’s made from 100% cotton, and it goes well with black, red, and white pants.

2. Disney Princesses

There are several princesses included in the Tooniforms selection. But among these characters, Cherokee’s Ariel Nutopia has the most purchases. This round-neck top is made from a fabric blend of cotton and poly poplin. It is available in different sizes, from XS to 3XL, and coordinates well with pants having these colors.

  • black
  • celadon
  • turquoise
  • pewter
  • sage green
  • white
  • orange sorbet

Aside from Ariel, Cherokee’s Snow White print top is also a favorite.

3. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty prints come in different styles. Some have a v-neck feature, while others feature a round-neck style with a drawstring on the side. Of these styles, the favorite print is the cheetah round-neck top. Hello Kitty is drowned in a pink background with cheetah prints and hearts of three colors. This top is made from a cotton-poly blend, and it coordinates well with chocolate, pink blush, shocking pink, and white pants.

Another favorite Hello Kitty print is the Candy v-neck top, which is ideal for Halloween. This top features Hello Kitty as a friendly witch. Other images include pumpkins, a crescent moon, and some treats.

4. Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a charming character, so it’s not surprising that Betty Boop prints made it on the list. Some of the best-selling Betty Boop prints include the following:

  • Diva-licious round neck top
  • Carousel Betty v-neck top
  • Boop No. 9

Just like the character, these print tops are made from light colors and therefore match well with light-colored pants.

5. Sponge Bob

cartoon scrubs - Sponge Bob Happy Face round neck topSponge Bob makes both adults and kids smile. That’s why Cherokee also has a Sponge Bob scrub set for kids. Here are the best-selling prints.

  • Sponge Bob Happy Face round neck top
  • Sponge Bob Hapy Face v-neck top

These prints feature a cubed face of Sponge Bob with a text that says “Happy Face.” They go well with pants that have the following colors: black, celadon, turquoise, and white.

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