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Best-Selling Scrub Colors

Best-Selling Scrub Colors

scrub colorsScrubs come in at least 10 colors. Naturally, you would choose your favorite color when making a purchase. But in case you’re wondering what the best-selling scrub colors are, here are the top 5.

1. Blue Family

Blue scrubs consistently dominate the best-selling lists of online dealers such as All Heart. If you browse through the catalogue, there’s not a page that goes by that you don’t see a hue of blue on the list.

Here are the top-selling hues in the blue family.

  • ceil blue
  • navy
  • royal
  • Caribbean blue
  • teal blue
  • galaxy blue

Among the brands selling blue scrubs, Cherokee, Dickies, and Wonder Wink are the favorites. The best-selling products include:

  • flare-leg scrub pants from Cherokee Workwear
  • v-neck scrub top from Dickies
  • 6-pocket scrub pants from Wonder Wink
  • drawstring pants from White Swan Fundamentals
  • reversible drawstring pants from Landau
  • utility scrub pants from Dickies

2. Green Family

The green family is next, and among the varieties of green, medical professionals prefer the following.

  • hunter
  • surgical green
  • pear
  • olive
  • limeade
  • teal
  • apple green

Cherokee is the best-selling brand for green scrubs.

It’s easy to see why blue and green dominate this list. If you frequent hospitals, surgeons and nurses seem to prefer these two colors.

3. Pink Family

When it comes to spicing up their scrubs with a fun color, nurses prefer pink. But because most men don’t want to be associated with anything that has pink, women nurses make up most of the customers. Among their favorite purchases include the following:

  • drawstring pants from Cherokee Workwear
  • snap front top from Cherokee Workwear
  • v-neck with stretch side panels from Cherokee Flexibles
  • cargo pants from White Swan Fundamentals
  • 4-pocket top from Landau Women’s
  • cargo pants with d-ring loop from Cherokee Workwear

4. Brown Family

If women prefer pink scrubs, men prefer brown scrubs. Among the top-selling brown scrubs is a scrub set from Cherokee Workwear for men. A pair of scrub pants from Jasco comes next, and then a brown mock wrap for pregnant women from Cherokee.

Some of the brown varieties on the best-seller’s list include the following:

  • sandstone 5-pocket scrub from Landau
  • chocolate round-neck solid scrub top from Cherokee Workwear
  • khaki square solid top from Dickies

5. Grey Family

scrub colors - Wonder Wink Grey ScrubRounding out the top 5 is the grey family. Surprisingly, this color beat out red, yellow, and other vibrant colors. Among the favorite colors in the grey family include pewter and grey. Top brands for this color include Cherokee and Wonder Wink.

These colors can act as a solid background of the entire scrub pants of scrub top, or they can be used in combination with other colors. For instance, a pink scrub top from Cherokee can have a black knit side panels. Aside from that, a mock-wrap top from Landau can have an apple green piping to give it character and a unique style.

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