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Brands That Make the Best White Scrubs

Brands That Make the Best White Scrubs

white scrubsNot many people want to use white scrubs. They can be difficult to maintain, and though some scrubs are made from the most durable fabrics, dirt and other particles can easily make them old and dirty. But it is for this same reason that many hospitals prefer their nurses to wear white scrubs. Stains, dirt, and other particles are easy to spot, so effort must be made to make these clothes clean and free from infection-causing microorganisms.

There are more than 30 brands that create scrubs of varying colors. But when it comes to white tops, jackets, and pants, three factors must be considered when selecting the best supplier for you.

The first criteria on the list is comfort. White scrubs must absorb moisture or sweat and make you feel comfortable. Second, go for a feature that repels moisture, stains, and dirt particles. A scrub with this feature helps you protect yourself from harmful fluids, and will make cleaning a breeze. Third, look for brands that offer low prices or give discounts. As previously mentioned, stains and dirt can easily make white scrubs look old. You may not always have the time to bring your scrubs to their original spotless white color, so it’s easy to discard them eventually.

Which brands make the best white scrubs?

1. All Heart and Uniform Advantage (UA)

These dealers also have a product line that offers the most affordable scrubs in the market today. A pair of scrub pants for women that normally costs $15.98 at Cherokee is only $11 at All Heart and $11.99 at UA. A scrub top that costs $18.98 at Cherokee costs only $6.12 at All Heart. If these items are put on sale, you’ll end up with much savings.

2. Cherokee

The best part of Cherokee’s white scrubs is their soil-release technology. These clothes are specifically designed to resist dirt particles from sticking to the fabric. As a result, the scrubs don’t get easily soiled, so it’s easier to maintain them and you can wear them many times.

Aside from the soil-release feature, Cherokee scrubs or some of their parts are made from a stretch fabric. For instance, their side panels may come with a fabric that blends 88% poly and 12% spandex while the rest of the parts are made from a blend of 65% poly and 35% cotton.

Also, Cherokee gives you stylish, yet functional designs. Among them are the following:

    • rolled-up collar top
    • 3-pocket wrap top
    • v-neck top with stretch side panels
    • drawstring pants
    • flare leg pants
    • mock-wrap tunic

3. Grey’s Anatomy

white scrubs - Grey's AnatomyMost scrubs are loose-fitting. But if you want a brand that gives you a stylish design that flatters your curves or makes you look slimmer, Grey’s Anatomy is the brand to look for.

Scrubs from Grey’s Anatomy are also made from an advanced fabric system called arcLux technology. This system makes the fabric ultra-soft so these white scrubs give you comfort in all types of weather conditions.

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