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Iguana Med Scrubs

About Iguana Med

Iguana Med scrubsIguana Med is on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare apparel industry. And they want it fast. If their achievements are proof that they are on the right track towards achieving their goal, then the competition had better take Iguana Med seriously.

In just a short span of time, Iguana Med has grown into a business included in Inc. 5000’s America’s fastest growing businesses for three years now. Today, the company’s products are sold at close to 800 retailers in the country. They have a team of talented and highly creative engineers who work round the clock to produce fabric technologies that address the needs of hyperactive medical professionals.

Iguana Med Scrubs

Iguana Med scrubs are both for men and women. One look at them and you’ll see that they have the edginess of a sports apparel and the design of a medical outfit. Iguana Med cleverly classifies them into two product lines: Iguana Core Closet and Iguana Fashion.

Core Closet consists of tops, pants, and jackets that have a basic or classic design. Iguana Fashion, on the other hand, has products that have a more edgy style.

Here are what you’ll find in these collections.

  • classic pants
  • classic top
  • unisex cargo pants
  • uni-sex top
  • quattro pants
  • nursing jacket
  • hoodie

Why Buy Iguana Med

If you love Nike, you will love Iguana Med.

There is a sporty vibe in all Iguana Med clothes. The tops are cut like a sports shirt, and the pants are loose-fitting. And if you want to steer clear of conventional scrub jackets, Iguana Med’s hoodie is the perfect alternative.

But while others use the term “sporty,” some prefer to describe Iguana Med scrubs as fashion-forward. Either way, if you are looking for something different, this brand will give you what you want.

Want comfort and function? Iguana Med is the name to look for.

Since it started a few years ago, Iguana Med has stayed true to its mission to provide high-quality apparel for active nurses, technicians, and doctors. With this, they have designed a fabric technology called MedFlex, which creates clothes that are highly durable and flexible.

To date, Iguana Med has produced four variations of MedFlex. Each of these technologies makes use of different materials and different fabric combinations or blends.

  • MedFlex I: cotton (97%) and spandex (3%)
  • MedFlex II: polyester (63.5%), cotton (33.5%), and spandex (3%)
  • MedFlex III: nylon (30%), cotton (65%), and spandex (5%)
  • MedFlex IV: polyester (77%), rayon (20%), and spandex (3%)

These blends target specific needs. For instance, MedFlex 1 combines 97% cotton with 3% spandex, so any top made from this fabric is expected to give high levels of softness, moist absorption, and performance.

Where to Buy Iguana Med

Iguana Med scrubs - NW ScrubsAs previously mentioned, Iguana Med distributes its products in close to 800 retail stores in the country. But if you prefer online dealers, you can check out Iguana Med scrubs at their online outlet store, Scrubs and Beyond, All Heart, and NW Scrubs.

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