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Different Designs for Halloween Scrub Tops

Different Designs for Halloween Scrub Tops

Halloween scrub topsOrange pumpkins and friendly ghosts are the usual images you see on Halloween scrub tops. But are there any other designs? Yes there are, and this article will list down some of the best ones you should check out.

1. Hello Kitty Candy

This top from Cherokee gives Hello Kitty a ‘witchy’ makeover. If you adore this cute cat, you’re going to love wearing this top on Halloween. In this print top, Hello Kitty has a nice orange witch’s hat and is surrounded by other images that remind you so much of Halloween – pumpkin, a crescent moon, cobwebs, haunted house, and bats. This top has a v-neck feature, and it’s made from 100% cotton.

2. Scooby Doo

Isn’t this the perfect theme for Halloween? If you are familiar with Scooby Doo, then you know that the gang is always chased by ghosts, zombies, and other scary beings. This top from eBay shows you the many facial expressions of Scooby Doo when ghosts are near him.

3. Betty Boop

Another top from eBay features Betty Boop dressed as a sexy witch. There are three images of this sexy lady that are undeniably Halloween-appropriate. In the first image, she is dressed like a vampire. In another, she is a sexy witch in a pink hat. In another, she is a scary vampire in a cape. Other images include crescent moons, pumpkins, cobwebs, stars, spiders, and the words “Boo!” and “Boop!”

4. Scarecrows

This top is from a lesser known brand called Melrose May-Hill Scrubs. It features different scarecrows wearing different colors of pants. It has a v-neck feature, and it’s made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

5. Care Bear Scare

This is a v-neck scrub top from Cherokee. It has two patch pockets, side vents, and contrast binding on the edges.

As for the print, you’ll see the Care Bears inside a haunted house. There are cobwebs, images of old photos featuring a bear, and bats.

6. Camoflauge

White Swan did a good job in creating a camo top that uses bats. To create the camo effect, the bats have different colors. Some are orange, some are black, and some are black.

This top has a v-neck feature, and it is made from 100% cotton.

7. Mickey Mouse

This top from Disney features Mickey Mouse as Count Dracula. In one image, this cute mouse is seen holding a Halloween bag and treading carefully so as not to disturb the bats. In another image, Mickey Mouse is seen shocked because he stepped on a cobweb with a scary jack o’ lantern.

This top has a grey background. Other images include bats and cobwebs.

8. Hoot N Harvest

Halloween scrub tops - Cherokee Hoot N HarvestThis is another top from Cherokee which features owls and pumpkins. This is ideal for people who don’t want scrubs with cobwebs, bats, and ghosts. If you want a scrub top that you can also wear on ordinary days, check out this rounded-neck top from Cherokee. This is made from 100% cotton, and has a soft knit inset.

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