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Different Hues and Styles of Purple Scrubs (Tops and Pants)

Different Hues and Styles of Purple Scrubs (Tops and Pants)

purple scrubsIt seems like purple is one of the best-selling colors in medical scrubs. If you check your dealers, their catalogue has an extensive selection of purple scrubs, which include pants, jackets, tops, and scrub sets.

Here are the different hues of purple scrubs in the market today. They range from light to dark purple.

  • eggplant
  • grape
  • wine
  • orchid
  • raspberry
  • sugar plum
  • amethyst
  • iris
  • cabernet
  • wisteria
  • merlot
  • amethyst
  • plum berry

Aside from having different hues, purple scrubs also have different styles. Below is a list of your choices.

1. Tops

v-neck tops

V-neck is the most common style of neckline you’ll see in scrub tops, whether they are purple or a different color. V-neck tops are common because they suit men and women.

mock wrap

Mock wraps are for women only. They can come with a tie string on the side, or they have an empire waist feature to make up for the lack of this string. Mock wraps are also the usual style for maternity scrub tops. This is because they are easy to adjust according to the size of the mother’s belly.

fashion tops

From what their name implies, these tops are the most fashionable of all the scrub tops. They can have a variety of necklines such as a sweetheart, square, mandarin, or lace-up neckline. Or they can have colorful pipings and pockets.

snap front tops

These tops have button closures. They can have 5 buttons that extend from the top down, or they can have only three which are located below the neckline.

empire waist tops

These tops have a high waistline. These are fashionable tops and they are ideal for women who loves something that flatters their figure or something that gives them a style element that is not difficult to pull off.

2. Pants

drawstring pants

Drawstring pants have a drawstring feature that tightens or loosens the waist. The advantage of this is that it eliminates the usage of heavy metal belts. These pants can be the cargo-type, elastic type, or the straight-leg type.

cargo pants

One of the distinct characteristics of cargo pants is the pockets on the sides, back, and thighs. They can have a drawstring feature, or they can have loops to hold a belt. They are also baggy or loose-fitting, although some cargo pants especially those made for women can have a tight fit.

zippered pants

Zippered pants are preferred by men who have issues or concerns with the drawstring pants with an open-less fly.

flare leg pants

These pants are for women who don’t want to wear skinny-leg scrub pants. With flare leg pants, the legs can move freely and comfortably.

pull-on pants

purple scrubs - pull-on pantsThese pants are the pajama-type scrubs. As what their name says, they are easy to wear. All you have to do is to get in and pull up the pants. These pants are ideal for people on the go and those who want loose-fitting pants.

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