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Different Styles of Camouflage Scrubs

Different Styles of Camouflage Scrubs

camouflage scrubsYour favorite uniform brands such as Cherokee and Dickies have a limited selection of camouflage scrubs, so if you want a wider product catalogue, find a dealer or a scrub manufacturer that specializes in camo scrubs. One of these dealers is Nurse Joe. From scrub tops to pants, Nurse Joe creates camouflage scrubs that suit every medical professionals who serve the military.

What are the different styles of camouflage scrubs?

1. Digital scrub

The digital camo design came into existence with the advent of the Internet. It is similar with the ordinary camo design, but the difference is that digital camo features a pixelated design.

Aside from scrub tops and pants, you can find the digital camo design in scrub caps, clogs, and scarves.

2. No-button velcro scrub

In the military, there is no time to waste when on duty. While ordinary scrub tops feature a snap-closure at the front and pants usually have a drawstring feature, a no-button scrub use a velcro for closure. With velcro, putting on these camo scrubs are hassle-free, easy, and very convenient.

Some manufacturers have adopted this no-button design, so if you are looking for an easy-to-manage scrub top, look for this style.

3. Chocolate chip scrub

The chocolate chip camo pattern was originally used during the Gulf War. Now, scrub tops and pants also have this design. In case you’re not familiar with the chocolate chip design, this features irregular shapes that have at least two light and dark shades, usually from the brown family. There are some blothes that resemble cookie crumbs.

4. V-neck with accents

V-neck scrub tops usually have a solid color, but some talented designers put an accent on the hem or edge of the sleeves or collar.

5. Woodland camo scrub

Woodland camo scrubs have a camo pattern that reminds you of forests or nature. They usually make use of shades from the green variety, but brown and orange can also be used to represent barks of trees.

6. Desert camo scrub

camouflage scrubs - Desert Storm Scrub TopDesert camo scrubs are those that have a brown camo pattern. These are in contrast to green and blue camo patterns, and they can include chocolate chip scrubs or a tri-color scrub.

For a tri-color scrub, there are only three colors or shades to see. For instance, a Desert Storm-inspired tri-color scrub pants can have light brown, chocolate, and light green.

What types of fabric are these camo scrubs made of?

All these camouflage scrubs are made from the usual materials used for ordinary scrubs. But in the military, these can be made from different types of fabric blends that suit different conditions. Some of these fabrics blend nylon and soft cotton, while others are made from a lightweight rip stock fabric.

As far as style and functionality goes, these scrubs have large pockets to contain all your valuables. For pants, expect a drawstring waist that also has an elastic waist band. Some manufacturers allow you to order a customized design, so if you want to add pleats and tucks, you are free to do so.

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