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Different Styles of Navy Blue Scrubs

Different Styles of Navy Blue Scrubs

navy blue scrubsWhile other colors of scrubs stick to basic solid tops and scrub pants, navy blue scrubs come in a variety of styles.

Basic Solid Tops

This is the most basic of the designs. But when this can have variations depending on the brand. For instance, some companies would want to give you a different neckline other than the usual v-neck design. And others would experiment with the pockets. Some basic tops feature 4 front pockets, while others have only one chest pocket.

Mock Wrap Solid Tops

Navy blue scrub tops from Uniform Advantage have a printed piping that forms an attention-grabbing detail. These mock wraps can have added features that help give a woman a flattering curve. They can have back darts, side slits, or shoulder tucks. They can even have a ribbon or drawstring to help loosen or tighten them.

Fashion Tops

These scrub tops are still solids, but their difference with basic solid tops is that they obviously have style elements incorporated in their design. For instance, some brands can go for contrast. These navy blue tops can have a moody blue or black side panel. Other brands may want to work on the sleeves. For instance, a v-neck scrub top can have 3/4 sleeve.

Solid Knits

These tops are for some nurses who are looking for a scrub top that can give them extra warmth during cold nights. Solid knits come with 100% polyester mesh.

Basic Print Tops

If you love prints and navy blue, be happy to know that there are several basic print tops that you can choose from. These tops may have prints that float on a navy blue background, or the print themselves are navy blue.

Here are some of the prints.

  • floral pattern
  • mosaic
  • abstract
  • circles
  • geometric shapes
  • stars
  • hearts
  • batik

Mock Wrap Print Tops

These tops are similar with basic print tops as far as the print design is concerned. But since these are mock wraps, they have a wrap line and the fabric may have an enclosure located at the side. These tops can also have different styles such as tunic-length styling. Details and accents such as buckles may also decorate the top.

Cargo Pants

Functional and durable, cargo pants are made to last. They are for men and women who are always needed at the emergency room, and those who constantly make the rounds. Cargo pants can come with a drawstring waist, or they can have a knit spandex waistband. These have pros and cons, drawstring pants are a more popular choice.

Elastic Waist Pants

navy blue scrubs - elastic waist pantsThese pants have a relaxed cut to make room for the thighs and hips. They are generally loose-fitting, so they are comfortable and soft to touch. The fabric is made from a blend of cotton and polyester.

Here are the brands that sell navy blue scrubs.

  • Uniform Advantage
  • Landau
  • Cherokee
  • Antidote
  • Healing Hands
  • Koi Scrubs
  • White Cross

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