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Get More Festive With Holiday Scrubs

Holiday Scrubs Top Picks

holiday scrubsIf you are looking for holiday scrubs, check out online retailers such as Tafford Uniforms, Uniform Advantage, and All Heart.

Among these brands, Tafford Uniforms has the widest selections. The company has been in the business since 1986, and as a web-based retailer, they offer a wide variety of scrubs and medical apparel from the industry’s most trusted brands. Some of the brands in their catalogue include Dickies, Mary Engelbreit, and Peaches. The company also creates and sells their own product line.

What are the holiday scrubs that you can readily purchase from online retailers and local dealers?

1. Patriotic or Independence Day scrubs

While other brands offer the usual designs such as stars, stripes, and Uncle Sam prints, you might want to don a unique piece whose designs include the following:

    • camouflage prints
    • American love prints
    • tie-dyed scrub top (red, blue, and white)
    • patriotic ribbons
    • patriotic fireworks

You can find these designs at Tafford Uniforms and Uniform Advantage. To complete your look, you might want to wear a patriotic cap.

2. Valentine’s Day scrubs

During Valentine’s Day, many people wear red and give red roses. While you can always follow suit at work, why not add a little pizzazz in your wardrobe by wearing a Valentine’s Day scrub at work? Choose from any of these designs:

    • pink hearts Be Mine from Koi Happiness
    • Amor from Dickies
    • You Gotta Have Heart from Cherokee
    • Hearts Desire from Landau
    • I Tink I Love You from Cherokee’s Disney Collection
    • Hello Kitty Cheetah Print from Cherokee
    • Wild Hearts from White Cross
    • Before the Date from Cherokee
    • Care Package by Dickies

3. St. Patrick’s Day scrubs

Enjoy the holiday by wearing scrubs that have images of clovers, dancing leprechauns, and other images with a green color. Here are some of your choices.

    • Green Mickey Mouse by Cherokee
    • Care Bears Happy St. Patrick’s Day scrub from Smoke Free Home
    • Frogs and Clover Themed scrub from Turkeys & Pilgrims
    • Shamrocks from Uniform Advantage
    • Pot of Gold by Peaches Uniforms
    • Lucky Leprechaun by Uniform Advantage
    • Luck Has It from White Cross

4. Halloween scrubs

holiday scrubs - Itsy Bitsy Spider from Koi ScrubsIf you are not allowed to wear a costume at work during Halloween, the next best alternative is to find and wear the best Halloween scrub top. Here are some of your choices.

    • Boo Ha Ha from HQ Scrubs (Cherokee)
    • Toile and Trouble 2 from Tafford Uniforms
    • Haunted Gate from WS Gear
    • Top Ghoulish Treats from White Cross
    • Pumpkin Panic from Tafford
    • If the Hat Fits from Mary Engelbreit
    • Count Beagle by Cherokee
    • Goosebumps from Peaches
    • Itsy Bitsy Spider from Koi Scrubs

5. Christmas scrubs

Perhaps the most festive of the seasons, Christmas is the time to wear the following scrub designs.

    • Happy Feet from Peaches
    • Snow Circles from WS Gear
    • Snowdust from Peaches
    • Snow Flakes from Uniform Advantage
    • Santa Party from Uniform Advantage
    • Swirling Penguin from Uniform Advantage

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