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Get The Most Affordable Scrubs from Marcus Scrubs

Get The Most Affordable Scrubs from Marcus Scrubs

Why shop at Marcus scrubs?

Marcus scrubsFirst, this online boutique has the widest selection of brands – from less known companies such as Antidote to more established ones such as Cherokee and Dickies. Marcus Uniforms has partnered with at least 90 brands that manufacture medical uniforms, accessories, and footwear. So if you’re looking for a boutique that has an endless supply of scrub pants, tops, and jackets, this boutique is the place to go.

Here are some of the brands that are not normally found in other dealers.

  • Active Uniforms
  • Delta Uniforms
  • E. Libby Medical Scrubs
  • Madison Medical
  • Meta Fundamentals
  • Natural Uniforms
  • Perfect Stretch
  • Scrub Stuff
  • Scrub Works
  • Tru Bamboo

As you can see, there are plenty of products to choose from if you choose to shop at Marcus scrubs. The company is not just limited to providing scrubs but they also give you a wide selection of bags, watches, shoes, and gift ideas. As a matter of fact, Marcus can be your one-stop shop. If you want to find the best instruments for nurses, a few clicks will lead you to an extensive catalogue. If you want embroidery services, the company is always on stand-by to take your orders.

You can even buy gift certificates from the site. The best part is, these certificates do not have pre-determined denominations. Using their Gift Certificate section, you can type in the amount of your preference, from $5 to $5,000. You can have the certificate sent over to your friend or to you.

Next, Marcus Uniforms is home to the most affordable scrubs. While it’s true that other dealers also constantly put items under their Clearance section, no other brand can match Marcus’ collection of sale items. Did you know that you with $5, you can purchase a print top from Natural Uniforms?

Here are the other items that you can buy for $5.

  • stethoscope cover for $1
  • stretchy shirt from White Swan for $3.99
  • marcus scrubs - $3.99 stretchy shirt from White SwanFlower Fields and Petal Plushers print top for $5 from Natural Uniforms
  • v-neck for $5 from Madison Medical America
  • strapless clogs for women for $5 from Natural Uniforms

Best of all, Marcus Uniforms hold the largest collection of plus-size and maternity scrubs. And unlike with other dealers that make it difficult for users to find these scrubs, Marcus has a separate section dedicated to plus-size and maternity scrubs.

You’ll find brands that you haven’t heard of before, and you’ll also find one-of-a-kind design from the brands you would normally check out first. Some examples include White Swan and E. Libby. As for the maternity scrubs, they also come with other recommendations for socks, bags, and other maternity supplies.

Also, Marcus Uniforms ships internationally. The company has a website that you can place your order in, or you can head over to Amazon and browse through their catalogue their. It also has a reliable tracking system that helps you with the status of your order.

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