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Medline Scrubs Offer Beautiful Prints

Medline Scrubs

About Medline

Medline scrubsMedline is considered the largest distributor of healthcare products in the US. According to their website,, the company has over 350,000 products that make their way through various clinics, hospitals, and research laboratories. These inclue 3M products, patient utensils, perioperative supplies, infection prevention products, and linens and cleaning supplies.

What makes Medline a market leader?

One of the top reasons is the company’s non-stop dedication to improve and innovate. They set their goals and proceed on a long-term investment approach. Aside from that, they also value their customers by having an effective department that takes care of their needs, questions, complaints, and suggestions.

Medline Scrubs

Unlike other brands that rely on innovative designs to attract customers, Medline prefers to stick to the basics. The company prefers to satisfy industry requirements on safety and quality.

This does not mean, however, that Medline scrubs are all about function and no style. As a matter of fact, aside from the variety of colors to choose from, some of their scrub tops come in different prints and designs such as the following:

  • Autumn Glow
  • Angel Face
  • Bird Collage
  • Butterflies
  • Indigo Collage
  • Rhapsody Blue
  • Spring Mix
  • Stick People
  • Impressions

While most of their scrub tops have a v-neck design, a few follow a jewel neck and a snap front tunic style. As for their scrub pants, below is a list of styles that you can choose from. As you can see, Medline scrubs can also be stylish, but the main consideration is no doubt function first.

  • drawstring pants
  • elastic waist
  • cargo pants
  • reversible pants
  • elastic with draw cord pants
  • unisex cargo pants
  • industrial cargo pants
  • disposable elastic pants
  • bootcut pants
  • lowrise drawstring pants

Why Buy Medline Scrubs

Medline scrubs comply with the industry’s standards.

One of the top reasons why Medline scrubs are the number one choice among hospitals, it is the fact that these clothes have gone through strict quality control procedures before they are released in the market. Plus, they have the approval of highly recognized bodies in the field such as the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses.

These scrubs are energy-efficient.

Medline scrubs dry easily, and their fabric can be easily washed and sterilized. Aside from that, they are not easily wrinkled, but if they do, they can easily be ironed. That’s why if you are looking for a money- and time-saver, Medline scrubs are definitely for you.

Medline scrubs are comfortable to wear and have long-lasting durability.

The company is well-equipped with the necessary technology to produce a fabric that provides excellent comfort, durability, and breathability. And in case hospitals use an industrial laundry system, Medline scrubs have the ability to withstand high amounts of pressure caused by the laundry process.

Where can you buy Medline scrubs?

You can buy them at the following stores/ retailers.

  • Medline scrubs -
  • Walmart
  • Scrubs123
  • Walgreens
  • Target

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