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Pink Scrubs are for Men, Too

Pink Scrubs are for Men, Too

pink scrubsMost men think that pink is for girls, but color experts say that pink used to be the color of masculinity – at least in the early 20th century. But masculine or not, male nurses wearing pink scrubs are nice to look at. Won’t you agree? All you need to do is to find the right hue or shade for you.

Here are the hues of pink available at your favorite scrub company.

  • shocking pink
  • pink blush
  • candy orchid
  • hot pink
  • primrose
  • pink quartz
  • pretty pink

If you don’t know which brand to look for, here are the companies that create pink scrubs in the abovementioned hues.

1. Uniform Advantage

The company’s pink scrubs are catalogued in their Best Buy and Butter Soft Scrubs collections, but unfortunately, there are no pink scrub tops available at the moment. But if you’re looking for affordable scrub pants, be happy to know that a pair of drawstring pants can cost less than $10.

Here are the styles of these pants.

  • 4-pocket drawstring pants
  • 4-pocket SHORT pants
  • 4-pocket TALL pants
  • 3-pocket scrub pants

2. Cherokee Workwear

Unlike Uniform Advantage, Cherokee offers pink scrub tops and pants for men. These scrub pieces may cost one or two dollars more than Uniform Advantage, but they are still affordable. And the best part is, these scrubs are made from a fabric blend of poly and cotton that gives you utmost comfort. They also have a soil-release feature, so they can easily be maintained.

Most of the scrub tops come with one pocket on the left chest, while the pants have a cargo-type style with one back pocket and one pocket on the right.

3. Landau Miscellaneous

If you want a reversible top, Landau Miscellaneous is worth checking out. The company’s pink scrub tops have a v-neck design and a pocket on the left chest. As for their pants, they feature a drawstring waist and a straight-leg tailoring. It’s not a cargo-type, so this is ideal for nurses looking for less baggy or loose-fitting pants.

4. Dickies

At All Heart, Dickies pink scrubs are on sale. Their v-neck solid scrub top is currently at $9.99, and their everyday pants also have the same price. So if you want to own a piece that balances comfort and durability, go get yourself these Dickies scrubs.

5. Jasco Uniform

If you’re tight on budget, check out Jasco Uniform. A pair of cargo scrub pants costs only $8.98 and their scrub top is only $7.98. Jasco Uniform is a product line of All Heart.

6. White Swan Fundamentals

pink scrubs - White Swan Pink Scrub PantsWhite Swan pink scrub pants have a drawstring waist, two pockets (one at the back, and one on the side), and a soil-release feature. Their scrub tops, on the other hand, has one left chest pocket, a v-neck feature, and a relaxed cut.

7. All Heart

All Heart offers pink scrubs not only for adults but also for kids. If your boys want to be a nurse someday, give them a taste of what it’s like with a scrub set for kids.

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