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Pros and Cons of Wearing Black Scrubs

Pros and Cons of Wearing Black Scrubs

Why should you wear black scrubs?

black scrubsBlack has been charged with symbolism in different cultures. In many countries, it represents mourning, so people in a funeral are dressed up in black clothes. But in ordinary days, black is associated with sophistication. Women look sexy and more confident in an LBD, and men can look more radiant in a black shirt.

This is no different in the nursing profession as far as scrubs are concerned. Black scrubs make the wearer elegant and sophisticated. Plus, they suit all types of skin color, and they can easily be paired up with other colors.

For instance, if you want to mix and match your scrubs, a royal blue scrub top can go well with a black pair of scrub pants. If you want a printed black top, it goes well with green or blue pants.

Aside from that, black has an excellent ability to ‘drown’ oil stains making these imperfections less obvious. Unlike white that can be difficult to clean and maintain, black scrubs don’t consume much of your time during laundry. Be careful not to put stain to these colored scrubs, though, because they easily get discolored.

Next, black scrubs absorb all colors of light, so they are warmer than the rest of the colors. During cold nights, these scrubs give you that much-needed warmth. However, fabrics such as nylon would tend to make you sweat more than usual.

Why shouldn’t you wear black scrubs?

As previously mentioned, black can also be associated with mourning. So for some people, black scrubs can put them in a depressed mood. That said, it’s probably not a good idea to wear these scrubs when you’re attending to a patient who is sensitive to the color.

The good news is, black scrubs come in a variety of styles. If you are not comfortable wearing solid scrubs, you might want to consider prints.

Also, it’s best not to wear black scrubs during the summer. You won’t have issues with too much heat when you’re in a well-ventilated or properly air-conditioned building. But if you go outside and walk under the scorching heat of the sun, expect to have uncontrollable sweating.

What brands sell black scrubs?

Almost all brands have black scrub tops, pants, and lab coats. If you want the more affordable ones, go for Uniform Advantage. If you are looking for stylish tops, look for Cherokee. If you are looking for 5X-scrubs, go for Grey’s Anatomy.

Here are the different styles of black scrubs available at online stores and your local retailers.

  • v-neck tops
  • drawstring pants
  • pull-on pants
  • cargo pants
  • mock-wrap pants
  • tunic tops
  • boot cut pants
  • zippered pants
  • cuffed pants
  • sweetheart neck tops

black scrubs - Cherokee Tooniforms CollectionOther than solid colors, black tops come in a wide array of prints. There are cute butterflies floating against a black background, and there are star prints that you can use on the Fourth of July. If you want a Hello Kitty print on a black background, head over to Cherokee’s Tooniforms collection and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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