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Top Brands of Christmas Scrubs

Top Brands of Christmas Scrubs

Christmas scrubsAre you looking for the best Christmas scrubs? In this article, we take a look at the brands that best address your needs in style, variety, price, fabric, and other criteria.

1. Unique Design

Scrub companies try to come up with unique designs, but only a few of them actually end up creating pieces that stand out — or at least ones that we haven’t seen yet before. One of these few innovative companies is a lesser known brand called Ackley Uniforms. Among its most unique designs include the following:

  • North Pole
  • Snowman Joy
  • Gingerbread Lane
  • Christmas Bubbles
  • Mittens of Love
  • Glistening

These are scrub tops that have a v-neck feature and are made from 100% cotton. Aside from that, they also have a matching jacket.

But aside from the design, there are other brands that focus on style. When it comes to stylish Christmas scrubs, Koi Happiness has a few stylish pieces. One of their mock tops has a black trim that gives a beautiful outline for both the neckline and the waist.

You can also check out White Swan. The company’s Snowdrift top, for instance, has a slit jewel neckline with side vents and a three-button closure.

2. Variety

When it comes to the number of items in their catalogue, three companies need special mention – Cherokee, Uniform Advantage, and Impulse by Scrubworks. These brands offer print tops that truly have that festive, joyous, and Christmas spirit.

Some of the designs also come with matching jackets or kid’s pajamas. For instance, Scrubworks’ Northern Lights top has a matching jacket. Uniform Advantage’s top that features snowmen has a matching pair of pajamas.

3. Price

As far as low price is concerned, Uniform Advantage offers one of the most affordable collections of scrubs. With only $10, you can buy a snowflake print scrub top. With $15, you can buy a pair of scrub pants. And when these items are put on sale, they can be as low as $7.99.

4. Fabric

Most of the brands offering Christmas scrubs make their scrubs from a fabric with 100% cotton. But with some brands, there are some additional fabric that is added to either the side panels or the neckline for extra warmth or comfort.

For instance, in White Cross’ Dog Gone Christmas top, the whole top is made from 100% cotton but it comes with Lycra or spandex side panels. So if you want a top that gives you added flexibility, check out White Cross.

5. Children’s scrubs

Christmas scrubs - Blue's MosaicMany parents want to dress up their kids during the Yuletide season. If you want to get your kids matching Christmas scrubs, check out Cherokee. The brand offers a complete gear – scrub top and pants – exclusively for kids.

If you don’t want the usual Christmas designs such as snowflakes, snowmen, and Santa Claus, there are other kid-friendly designs that you can choose from. The following are three designs that are worth checking out.

  • Blue’s Mosaic
  • Marvel Heroes
  • Tink Pop

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