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Unique Designs of Christmas Scrub Tops

Unique Designs of Christmas Scrub Tops

Christmas scrub topsYou’ve seen different types of holiday scrubs. For Christmas, the usual designs are snowflakes covering the entire scrub, a Christmas tree, and even Santa Claus. But if you’re looking for a unique design of Christmas scrub tops, here’s an article for you. Here are five designs that you would surely want to have this Yuletide season.

1. Christmas Ornaments and “Peace”

Christmas ornaments may be a common sight, but this top from Ackley Uniforms is made extra-ordinary because of how these images are presented. They look like sketches from a notebook that an innocent child had drawn. The word “peace” is also on the print, and two snowmen – a boy and a girl – are sharing the love during the season.

2. Christmas Bubbles

Another great design from Ackley Uniform, this Christmas top is adorned with bubbles that contain different images that represent the Christmas spirit. These bubblews come in different sizes, and one of them shows Santa Claus holding a gift on a snowy night / day. Another one shows a snowman waving at you, and another one shows a singing penguin.

3. Gingerbread Lane

Another from Ackley Uniform, this top veers away from the usual design by focusing on everybody’s favorite treats on Christmas day – gingerbread. The top has a beautiful bright red background, which perfectly complements the happy gingerbread men.

4. Tweety Bird Xmas Uniform

It’s not very often that we see scrubs that feature a cartoon character in a Christmas suit. But thanks to Nurses Peds Uniform on eBay, you’re going to love Tweety Bird with a Christmas hat. The design shows one of the most adorable cartoon characters checking out gifts on a snowy date.

5. Northern Lights

People go on a holiday cruise to certain parts of Europe to see the Northern Lights. If you can’t book a trip this season, why not get this top from Scrubworks? This print top features green and blue circles that are supposed to represent the northern lights. Also included in the design are images of polar bears and an owl.

6. Tinkerbell

If you don’t like Tweety Bird, you might want to check out this top from Disney. It features images of Tinkerbell in at least 6 positions. One shows the cute fairy sitting on a Christmas ornament, and another shows Tinkerbell on skates.

7. Skating Froggie

Another unique Christmas scrub top shows two frogs, one male and one female, skating happily on ice. The top has a v-neck feature, and the frogs are skating against a navy blue background. There are also small snowflakes to make the Christmas spirit fun and exciting. This print scrub is from Scrub Works and it is made from 100% cotton.

8. Ho Ho Ho Frosty

Christmas scrub tops - Cherokee Ho Ho Ho FrostyThis top from Cherokee shows everyone’s favorite snowman spreading the Christmas spirit with different messages – peach, Happy New Year, joy, trim the tree, and ho ho ho. If you love statement shirts, this v-neck top is worth checking out. It is made from 100% cotton, and it features a flare fit.

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