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Where to Find Maternity Navy Scrubs

Where to Find Maternity Navy Scrubs

navy scrubsThere are three brands that sell navy scrubs for pregnant women – Cherokee, Urbane, and Dickies. Let’s take a look at them one by one including their features.

1. Cherokee

Cherokee is perhaps the only brand that manufactures and sells flare pants that are specifically designed for the pregnant woman. Here are the features of these pants.

  • flare leg
  • stretchy tummy panel
  • knit panel
  • double cargo pockets
  • side vents

Pregnant women need all the comfort they can get during their time of pregnancy. Cherokee seems to understand this, that’s why these maternity flare-leg pants are lightly larger than the normal size.

The flare leg feature provides enough room for air to circulate especially in the ankle and knee areas, while the stretchy tummy panel is designed to grow with the bulge. Since the panel is made mostly of knit, the tummy gets that much-needed warmth. And since it grows with the belly, flexibility is ensured, so the uncomfortable too-tight or too-loose feeling is prevented.

Aside from navy, these maternity scrub pants are available in black, caribbean blue, hunter, and many more.

2. Urbane

Aside from Cherokee, Urbane is also one of the few brands that offer scrub pants for pregnant women. Aside from the pants, you can also get a complete outfit with either their mock-wrap or pleated empire-waist maternity top.

‘Soft meets stretch’ is what these pants promise. They have a tummy panel that stretches with the belly when it grows bigger. It’s made from a special kind of fabric that blends rayon, poly, and spandex, so flexibility is ensured.

As far as style is concerned, these Urbane maternity pants have a flare-leg feature for added comfort and style. Aside from navy blue, other colors to choose from include black, steel grey, and ciel blue.

3. Dickies

navy scrubs - Dickies Maternity Navy ScrubsIf you want an edgy brand, get your maternity scrub pants from Dickies. These pants have an elastic top and come with two front pockets. As for the fabric, these pants are made from a poly-cotton blend that gives you comfort and flexibility.

If you’re not particular about the color, you might want to check out Dickies’ gen flex pants with a knit waist. The pants’ features include the following:

  • pull-on
  • straight-leg
  • knit fold over waistband
  • elastic on the waistband
  • cargo pockets

As you can see, these pants not only give your belly that much-needed support, but they also help you function well in the workplace. There are multiple pockets that can store and hold all your valuables. As previously mentioned, these pants do not come in navy, but they come in ceil blue and royal.

Where can you find these brands?

You can buy them at any of your favorite online dealers or local retailers if you want brand new items. But if you feel that it’s practical to buy pre-loved items, then check out eBay. There are several mothers who would want to sell or trade their used maternity navy scrubs at a low price.

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