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Which Brand Sells the Most Variety of Red Scrubs?

Which Brand Sells the Most Variety of Red Scrubs?

red scrubsThere are at least 23 brands with red scrubs. But if you’re looking for brands that have a wide product catalogue, here is a list.

1. Cherokee

Cherokee leads the pack with more than 150 red scrub tops, pants, and jackets. These clothes are under the company’s most popular collections – Flexibles, Uniforms, and Workwear. If you are looking for a print top with a red background, one style is available in the Tooniforms collection.

What styles of Cherokee red scrubs can you choose from?

  • v-neck (one-pocket, 2-pocket)
  • snap front top
  • with stretch side panels
  • mock wrap tunic top
  • mini wrap contrast solid top
  • round neck
  • scoop neck
  • flare leg
  • cargo pants
  • elastic waist
  • cargo pants with zip fly

Some of these styles are exclusively for men or for women, but others are unisex.

2. Barco

Barco Uniforms give you flowy and smooth fabric in all their red tops and pants. The company is also the creator of Grey’s Anatomy so if you patronize this brand, you’ll get the same quality as Barco’s other collections such as ICU and NRG.

Women will definitely love Barco’s petite size drawstring pants, and men will probably buy at least one of Barco’s zip front pants.

3. Uniform Advantage

If you’re looking for variety, you’ll surely get it from Uniform Advantage. Through the brand’s Butter Soft Scrubs and Best Buy collections, you’ll get different shades of red and different style elements.

If you want a different collar snap, get one of Butter Soft Scrubs’ mandarin-collar top. Other styles include rolled up collar, rounded neck, and snap front. Although their pants are similar to other brands’, you’ll find drawstring pants that have 6 pockets and an elastic waist back.

4. White Swan

Uniform Advantage may offer you a variety of styles, but there are a few unique pieces that you can only get from White Swan. For instance, if you want a red layering underscrub or a knit polo, you can find one at White Swan. If you want a mock wrap that has an ajustable belt, check out White Swan.

5. Urbane

Urbane stands out from the rest of the brands because of the colorful pipings of their scrubs, which perfectly match the color of the background. As a result, the scrubs are given a unique, vibrant character.

Aside from that, the side knits come in different shapes unlike with other brands. Truly, red scrubs from Urbane are…urbane!

Some of the unique styles offered at Urbane include the following:

  • y-neck solid scrub top
  • double binding solid top
  • split neck tunic top

Other brands that have red scrub tops and pants include:

  • Adar Medical
  • All Heart
  • Baby Phat
  • Branded Bull
  • Carhatt
  • Dansko
  • Ecko
  • Healing Hands
  • Iguana Med
  • Jockey
  • red scrubs - Wonder Wink ScrubsKOI Scrubs
  • LA Rose
  • Landau
  • Mary Engelbreit
  • Medgear
  • Med Couture
  • Peaches
  • Scrub Works
  • Wonderwink

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