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Which Brands Make Denim Scrubs?

Which Brands Make Denim Scrubs?

denim scrubsScrubs are usually made from a recognizable type of fabric. But if you want to be different, why not choose denim scrubs? Denim scrubs are durable, so they are ideal for medical professionals who perform activities that put too much stress on their clothes. But unlike your usual denim fabric used in jeans and skirts, denim scrubs are lightweight and are made from 100% cotton.

There are only a few brands that create denim scrubs, and they are listed as follows.

1. Dickies

Dickies stays true to its reputation as a hip and edgy clothing brand. Compared with the brands on this list, Dickies has the widest and most stylish selection of denim scrubs that tops and pants. These scrubs are not affordable. On the average, each top costs around $25 and a pair of pants can cost more than $30. On sale, you can get these items for less than $20.

Here are the following styles of denim scrubs offered by Dickies.

  • Square-neck top (missy fit)
  • Denim mock-wrap top
  • Unisex v-neck top
  • Unisex drawstring pants
  • Smocket waistband
  • Pintcuk pocket pants

The square-neck top seems to be the top with a character. In fact, you can wear it as an ordinary top on an ordinary non-working day. There are tucks on the inset, and pleats at the front make it extra-ordinary. You’ll also get 2 pockets at the front, and there are side vents that allow you to move comfortably and easily. This comes in two colors – light blue and indigo.

The smocket waistband pants, on the other hand, are for girls, and they have the following features.

  • straight leg
  • elastic waist
  • adjustable drawstring
  • 3 pockets (scoop and cargo on the right)
  • side vents

As previously said, these pants and top are made from 100% cotton.

2. S.C.R.U.B.S.

S.C.R.U.B.S. offer two types of denim scrub tops – indigo and stressed denim. These tops basically have the same style, but the difference is that the stressed denim top only has one pocket, which is located at the left chest. These tops have the following features.

  • 100% cotton
  • side vents for ease and comfort
  • unisex

When it comes to variety, Dickies trumps S.C.R.U.B.S. but when it comes to quality of tailoring, denim tops from S.C.R.U.B.S. are clean and neat.

3. White Swan

denim scrubs - White Swan Denim ScrubsWhite Swan Fundamentals offers 6 tops and pants that can give Dickies a run for its money. These are the following:

  • unisex v-neck top
  • ladies v-neck
  • crossover v-neck
  • unisex drawstring pants
  • cargo pocket pants
  • flare leg pants

And while the scrubs from Dickies are not that affordable, you’ll be happy to know that White Swan Fundamentals scrubs cost only around $15 for a top and $17 for a pair of pants.

4. All Heart

All Heart offers a v-neck pocket solid scrub top with one left chest pocket. It features a traditional cut, and it is currently on sale at the site for only $3.

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