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Who Makes Caribbean Blue Scrubs?

Who Makes Caribbean Blue Scrubs?

caribbean blue scrubsScrubs come in different colors. While some fashionable nurses wear “couture” colors produced by companies such as Med Couture, most of them comply with their workplace’s dress code and wear something in the blue color spectrum. One of these colors is caribbean blue.

Dealers and manufacturers have different shades or colors for ‘caribbean blue.’ To avoid confustion, caribbean blue is a predominantly blue color but has a tinge of green in it. Just what it says, it’s inspired by the color of the Caribbean Sea, which has waters that is bluish green in color. If you wear caribbean blue scrubs, people around you will think of the ocean. For patients, this color has a placebo effect.

Who makes caribbean blue scrubs?

Here is a complete list.

  • All Heart
  • Cherokee Flexibles
  • Cherokee Uniforms
  • Cherokee Workwear
  • Dickies
  • KOI Scrubs
  • Landau
  • Scrub Works
  • Urbane
  • White Swan

Of these scrubs, the brand that has the widest selection is Cherokee. Women seem to have more choices than men, but there are also several unisex pieces that work for both sexes.

As for the styles, here’s what to expect.

  • v-neck tops
  • drawstring pants
  • cargo pants
  • pull-on pants
  • mock wrap tops
  • tunic tops
  • flare leg pants
  • zippered pants
  • boot cut pants
  • cuffed pants

From the list above, you can see that pants have more styles than tops. If you want an all-around pair for heavy-duty days, go for cargo pants. If you want something stylish, you have flare-leg and boot-cut pants.

As for the sizes, these scrubs can come in all styles possible – from XXS to 7XL. These sizes are product specific though. Some styles are not available in a 7XL while others are available from XXS to 5X only.

Who makes the cheapest caribbean blue scrubs? Here’s a list of the top 5 brands. These brands are arranged from those offering the lowest prices up to the highest.

  1. All Heart (a scrub top can cost around $6)
  2. Scrub Zone (a unisex scrub top can cost around $9)
  3. White Swan (a pair of drawstring pants costs around $11 on sale)
  4. Dickies (a unisex v-neck top costs around $11)
  5. Cherokee (a v-neck, 2-pocket top costs around $14)

Which online dealer offers the widest selection of caribbean blue scrubs?

Based on the number of products listed in their catalogue, the best dealer offering caribbean blue scrubs is All Heart. Currently, the company has more than 100 products that are readily available for purchase. These are categorized into four types.

  • caribbean blue scrubs - Dickiesscrub jackets
  • scrub pants
  • scrub sets
  • scrub tops

Of these products, there are more than 20 items on sale, which include your favorite brands such as Dickies, White Swan, and All Heart. For regular-priced item, the average cost range somewhere between $10 to $20. So if you have a limited budget, it’s a good idea to do your shopping online at All Heart.

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