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Who Makes Kid’s Scrubs?

Who Makes Kid’s Scrubs?

kids scrubsDress-up is a classic game for children who like to act out their imaginings, including their future careers. For children who want to be doctors when they grow up, or for parents who want to encourage their children to be doctors, kid-sized scrubs are a great addition to the toy box. Kid’s scrubs are miniature replicas of adult scrubs that allow children to dress up as doctors, nurses, dentists, and veterinarians whenever they want. They can be used during every day playtime or during costume events like Halloween parties.

What brands of kid’s scrubs are there?

There are a few companies that make kid’s scrubs. Some of them also offer other child-sized doctor’s equipment, such as stethoscopes. Here are some brands of kid’s scrubs that can be purchased online:

  • My Kids Scrubs is a company based in Florida that specializes in making scrubs for children. My Kids Scrubs offers pink, purple, royal blue, ceil blue, teal, red, navy, and black scrubs, as well as a variety of designs that can be embroidered onto the scrubs. Embroidery can be chosen from a selection of images with captions that include “future doctor,” “future nurse,” “future veterinarian,” “paramedic,” “future NASA scientist,” and more. In addition, you have the option to order customized embroidery for an extra fee. Scrubs from My Kids Scrubs are in the $10-$20 range, with $9-$10 additional charges for embroidery.
  • is an online medical “superstore” that offers a huge selection of medical apparel and footwear for adults. Allheart produces a basic kid’s scrubs set that comes in black, navy, light blue, and pink. In addition to Allheart’s own kid’s scrubs, the website sells kid’s scrubs made by popular adult scrub brands like Landau and Cherokee. These scrubs are sold in different print designs and are mostly unisex. The kid’s scrubs on are generally between $15 and $20, although some items can be found in clearance below $10.
  • is another website that specializes in scrubs for adults, but also sells scrubs made for children. The site offers brands that include Landau, GelScrubs, and Cherokee, and has a large selection of shirts and pants in many different colors and designs. Most are between $15 and $25.

What features do kid’s scrubs have?

kids scrubs - my kids scrubsMost kid’s scrubs are faithful replicas of adult scrubs. They should be loose-fitting and comfortable, and the shirts usually have patch pockets near the hem on either side of the buttons. This allows children to experience what it actually feels like to be a health care professional wearing scrubs.

The same companies that make kid’s scrubs often offer kid’s lab coats and other medical equipment as well. It is easy to find real working stethoscopes made for children on the same websites that sell kid’s scrubs, as well as doctor’s bags and other items that your child may recognize from the doctor’s office. Buying kid’s scrubs and related products is a great way to show children that being a doctor or other medical worker can be fun and rewarding.

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